We have a fun NFT project with specific goals. Farmer Jack and his Tree.

The first issue of 100 NFTs. The secrets and ideas will be told to us uby… Jack.

NFTmintList: Hi. Tell us how the project came about and why there are so few tokens?

Hi. I’m Jack, I’m a farmer, and I don’t understand much about NFT. I asked my friends to tell me what it was, and that’s when we created eight pictures together and put them on OpenSea. It turned out to be very simple and available to anyone.

And I said that after selling any of the tokens, I would plant a tree. So that’s what I’m going to do.

NFTmintList: Does Jack from our collection look like you? What do you think of the NFT?

He looks like me, very much so. He’s a good, hard-working guy.
And as for NFT, I think it’s kind of crazy. People buy pictures for hundreds of thousands of dollars and get even more when they sell it. My buddy bought a picture for $7000. I laughed at him until he sold it for $11000. Unbelievable.

NFTmintList: Will your project have a sequel?

If it sells, there will be a sequel.

So far, I’ve received an offer to reproduce Jack and make a collection of 10,000 images. That seems like a lot. But I’m already thinking about it.

Project Scoring

A brief analysis of the project: 5 points are scored from 1 to 10 for each.

  • Community: 7
  • Team: 8
  • Idea and setting: 8
  • Prospects for value growth: 7
  • Project length (roadmap): 5

Total: 35 points.


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