The most important indicator of the success of an NFT collection is the community.

Look at Twitter and Discord:

  1. Are they being maintained on a regular basis?
  2. Are there discussions, audience reactions?
  3. Does the team have any activity, such as raffles, contests?
  4. Is there the White List?

An essential thing about values

We have already written about the importance of community. However, there are many other additional values that NFT projects bring to the table.

👉For some people, it is a high prospect of profit because of the idea behind the project.
👉Others have a philanthropic perspective.
👉More people consider it as an investment in education.
👉Others have ideas abound…

Look for those that resonate with you and support appropriate projects.


Another sign of a good collection is the time it takes to whip up the audience.

It is hard to imagine that it is possible to make contacts and design a whitelist in 1 month. You need a big team for this. That is why many people do not trust small collections that go on the air in a month.

👍A project needs time to spread the word, make collaborations, bring an audience, including a community in Discord.

Serious projects are ready to wait and work with an audience.

Pay attention to the project duration.

Avoid those who have launched to collect money.

❓Continuation is important, what happens after the collection is sold?

❓Are there activities planned that will raise the value of the NFT?

A roadmap will help you.


An essential aspect of a good collection is a precise roadmap.

If the project is done by a small team and the roadmap promises a lot of things, it is worth considering when thinking about becoming a part of the project.

If the roadmap is completely trend-driven and doesn’t fit the project’s logic, I wouldn’t buy these NFTs.

The simpler and more precise, the better. NFT collections are expected first and foremost to have minting and a plan for the future. NFT games are expected to be launched.

👉Follow the project for a while to see if the team fulfills the roadmap.


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