Horse Yacht Club

Horse Yacht Club

Welcome to HYC!!!

Horse Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 horses available on the Ethereum blockchain. Each horse has its unique selection of attributes to represent its features.

Throughout history, horses have always been humans greatest allies, from winning wars and battles to horse racing and other sports, a horse has been a companion and a comrade.

Art is a common way to express emotions. This project was created to express ourselves, as our project’s sole purpose is to push diversity and exclusivity through your horse/horses.

For every 2500 horses sold, we will be donating money to a mental health charity of the community’s choice.

Once all the horses have been sold, the world is our playground!!! We then commence with stage 3!!! We will be releasing unique Horse toys which will have a special unique invite to our WORLDWIDE YACHT PARTIES!!! At each party, there will be CELEBRITY GUESTS AND EVENTS!!!

Now grab a horse and let the Journey Begin!!!🐎

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