The LuxApes will be minted as the following :

0.9 % Legendary ( 88 ) Legendary LuxApes
9.99% Rare ( 888 ) Rare LuxApes
88.3% ( 7850 ) Unique LuxApe Art Pieces
0.7% ( 62 ) Team / Giveaway / Promos
At The Lux Apes Co., we design every single one of the 8888 Lux Apes by hand. Unlike a cheap watch mass produced by a factory assembly line, our Lux Apes are more like Rolexes, all painstakingly handcrafted individually. Every ape has a unique theme and look, drawing inspiration from pop culture, mythology, anime and even famous classical artwork.

How will different LuxApes give different rewards ?

Holders of these receive 25% of total royalties each week!

Waitlist priority for all roadmap initiatives. Higher tier benefits and exclusive access to Epic Holder Only regions in the LuxApes villa and Virtual Mansion

Unique hand designed LuxApes art piece. Get to vote on community future. Percentage royalty on all Merch sold for specified design. Access pass to LuxApes online retail store, community store, LuxApes villa and virtual mansion. Chance to participate in community events for rewards

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