MetaCribs Scuba Series

MetaCribs Scuba Series

This Scuba Series conservation NFT is our way to give back to the planet as we take our steps into the Metaverse and 3d printing of real world houses in the U.S. This card is a way to let the world know that NFTs can be a positive for the environment and every NFT bought or sold will remove 10 lbs of trash from the ocean with our partner Team Seas. These NFTs will be a stepping stone, we want people to commit to the healing of our planet on the Solana Blockchain to get access to our MetaCrib Club. You will need a Scuba Series in your wallet to mint a MetaCrib. Want to earn income from real 3D printed homes or have the chance to win a 3D printed home? You will need this amazing planet saving Scuba Series NFTs from the MetaCribs Team! Changing the future of NFT Utility and Real Estate.

MetaCrib and Scuba Series Utility-

*Earn passive income from our project specific 3D printed home builds

*Pool your NFTs with members and use it as a way to finance new builds

*Staking options for holders of each series

*Have access to certification in 3D printed construction

*Metaverse access with AR/VR experiences

*First Hard asset real estate event tied to an NFT collection

*Vesting schedule that lets people who hold longer receive more income

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