Mushroom-Head Series 1

Mushroom-Head Series 1

Well, everyone can be a d*ck at time. That’s not because we like it. But because we believe in making things better!

The Mushroom-Head Series 1 is one of many series in the collection made for the Believers, Innovators and Futurists. The belief that the world is ours to fight for! The series consists of 1,000 unique artwork (excl specials), and comprise over 40+ traits. Each with their own properties and rarity.

Minting one grant auto-entry to the Mushroom-Head community and entitles you to special members’ exclusives. Besides, your support empower our vision to be a global entertainment brand! To know more, join our Discord Group and follow our Official Twitter Channel! #mushroomheadnft

Roadmap 👉

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