The Novatar

The Novatar The Novatar The Novatar The Novatar

The Web3 World is here. Novatars – the first-ever aging NFT-avatars are set to populate it and shape its future. Novatars enter the Metaverse as unique babies and can grow up into adults 30 days after the Reveal.
Novatars are meta-bodies created to navigate the Web3 City. All 25k avatars are NFTs and can be used as digital identities.
Explore the blockchain world of futuristic neon buildings, free self-expression, and limitless possibilities with the Novatars.
Usability: Use your Novatar as an NFT profile pic on Twitter and other social media (when available), find your Meta Identity. Unlock the Novatar’s Web 3.0 and navigate through the Web3 City with full-body Novatars.
Rarity: Novatar is a technologically advanced futuristic project where baby NFTs can grow up on the blockchain and transform into adults. Novatars present the real life persona resembling diversity of human race, gender and sexual orientation.

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