Good day, we are engaged in maintaining and promoting Twitter accounts for crypto and NFT topics.

We have a lot of experience working with customers from the crypto industry, P2EGaming and NFT. We are ready to use it to develop your project.

Work plan

The standard one looks like this:

  1. If an account is new – 3 weeks – we create content and follow a non-aggressive strategy of posting responses.
  2. Then we start working with Asian promoters – we attract followers (with giveaways – just a number to be on top of internal Twitter search).
  3. At the same time, we find similar projects, Influencers, collectors, write to them and introduce them to the project.
  4. After the initial period, we usually change the strategy and switch to reaching the audience in another way – via personal messages. We continue to work on postings, collaborations, etc.

The process involves long term work, but the results are calculated and reconciled once a month.


Maintenance promotion:

  • 1-2 postings per day.
  • Responding to discussions – up to 3 postings per day.
  • Lists, following, likes.
  • Giveaways on Asian giveaways hosts (up to 2 per week, starting from the 4th week of work).

Price: $2500 per month.

Contacts: or

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