Today we have a classic NFT collection Mystical Pyramids.

Good art, active social networks, clear roadmap. The project seems to have considered all the standards of the industry.

But there is a solid argument (a hint – a lot of traffic) that distinguishes it from similar ones and is sure to please both collectors and investors. Let’s talk about it with the team leader – George Sakhvadze.

NFTmintList: Hi. Let’s save us all time and start with the most exciting part. What is your most significant advantage over your competitors?

…Our biggest advantage is people)))
People that stand at the origins of our collection. Developers, art department, IT department, writers, marketing experts, here I will note our partners who took the liberty to undertake the entire advertising campaign, in fact, they are investors in the advertising part, and I think it is one of the best partner solutions.

NFTmintList: Another thing about you is that while most people build a community to sell, you sell to build a community out of buyers. Why?

We want to create a community where everyone can influence certain events.

We are inspired by the Polkadot ecosystem and want to build something similar in NFT where holders can vote for future collections.

We are actively developing, and fundraising and are ready to allocate most of it to our future ideas.

NFTmintList: Tell us about your vision of the NFT market, the trends, and maybe some advice for newcomers who are just getting prepared to launch their collections.

What I think about NFT… You know, nowadays, big players are trying to take niches, resources, banking, media, and so on, NFT is still a free market, and in fact, this is the freedom for everyone because it is possible to create in this industry.

The only thing that limits our thoughts and ideas is funds, but the community solves this issue.

NFT is freedom, this is the future, and it is an opportunity to change the world for the better.

Project Scoring

A brief analysis of the project: 5 points are scored from 1 to 10 for each.

  • Community: 7
  • Team: 7
  • Idea and setting: 7
  • Prospects for value growth: 9
  • Project length (roadmap): 8

Total: 38 points.

Conclusion: good collection, worth holding in your portfolio.


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