In a nutshell, TON is a blockchain created by Nikolai Durov.
It’s very fast and cheap.

We’ve added TON blockchain to the list of categories in our NFT and GameFi projects catalog because of growing interest.

Use the Telegram bot @CryptoBot. It’s essentially a native messenger exchange.

You can refill the bot’s wallet and go to market and sell coins or buy.

There is a p2p exchange. The Market button lets you buy/sell crypto for fiat money.

The Exchange button is for trading cryptocurrencies.

Tons can be stored in a bot; it’s safe.

The only problem is that if somehow you lose access to your Telegram account, you lose access to your coins, and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to recover them.

So it is better to keep larger amounts in a separate wallet, for example, in TON Hub –
If you need to sell, top up your crypto bot wallet and sell.

TON Hub allows you to stake coins right in your wallet. Starting from 50 coins. Approx. 10% annual income. But you have to pay 0.4 tons total for depositing and withdrawing coins for staking.

Thanks to the guys from Anonymous NFT project for consulting us.


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